The Fog Jog

4-Mile Fun Run and Annual Club Meeting

Saturday, January 27, 2024
Merced, California

Fun Run information

Location: Gemini Flight Support Center, 3515 Hardstand Ave in Atwater (old Castle Air Force Base)
Distance: 5-mile (shorter distance is optional)
Walkers: Walkers are welcome
No Entry-Fee: This is a free fun run
Bring some water. A continental breakfast will be provided.

Annual Meeting:

Arrive on time so you can appear in the annual club photo that we will take right before we start running at 8:00 am.

The annual meeting of the Merced Running Club will be held right after the run.  Find out what’s new and happening in the club. Tell the Board what you like and don’t like about our sponsored races, fun runs, the newsletter, and the website.   Vote on the new officers for the MRC Board (in even-numbered years). 

Join the MRC Board as a member at large if you’d like to be involved in club planning and activities.  Plan on paying your annual dues at the meeting, or join the club, if you are interested.

Course Description:
This is a nearly flat out-and-back run around the outside of the Airport.

Bathrooms will open at 9 am. Free parking.


Gordon Wilkinson

Join the club if you’re not a member yet!