Merced Area Running Events

See our Race calendar for running events in Merced County throughout the year. Race calendarOr stay updated through our socials:

Weekly Group Runs

Join us for our weekly club runs every Tuesday and Thursday evening! Starting March 12, 2024 through the Fall, we will be running at Rahilly Park.

  • Location: Rahilly Park in Merced, CA
  • Time: 5:30 PM
  • Distance: 4 miles (you may run more or less if you wish), on the Rascal Creek Bike Path, with no traffic. 
  • Facilities:
    Bathrooms and free parking are available. The bathroom is usually dirty and vandalized, and the water fountain is nasty, so it is best to bring your own water.

Monthly Club Meeting

Join us for our monthly club meeting at Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria on the third Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 PM.

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